Mandibular Over Denture Prosthesis on 4 implants

Having a problem with your lower dentures ?

Well , you are not alone.

The lower denture was loose and he had to use good amount of denture adhesives to keep it in .

So the proposed treatment plan that patient chose was to have 4 implants placed on lower jaw and stabilize his lower denture with them.

He is chewing much better and he is very happy now..

Teeth replacement in one day with implants

Is the look of your teeth preventing you from smiling ?

This patient would never smile for so many years.

It was very difficult to ask her to smile to take the “before picture” .

Her teeth had advanced periodontal disease .

She had all upper teeth removed , 4 implants placed,and a temporary fixed prosthesis delivered at one appointment .

The final prosthesis was delivered 6 months after .

The patient had lower two implants placed before at another place, she wanted removable implant over-denture.

The denture was fabricated by our lab and we delivered it along with her final upper fixed prosthesis.



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